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Gloom and doom..... that's all you hear about these days. I'm Rick Singleton, and I'm tired of hearing all the projections that we're a "financially strapped society."  What we are is a country that has responded and resolved issues like this many times over!  Our economy has taken a shot, but we'll get though this the way we always have... With some good, old hard work and American ingenuity.

I'm so sure about our country's ability, that I've put my money were my mouth is.  We started Rick Singleton Rental in March of 2006.  In April 2008 we expanded our business at our new Huntingdon facility with a move to the former Jabco-Maggi dealership.  People keep saying, "Rick, you're expanding in a terrible economy," and my response is, "Ya' gotta believe!  Ya' gotta believe in the people of Huntingdon and their ability to overcome hard times".

Ya' just gotta believe.....at Rick Singleton Rental we do, and we're working hard to provide the finest rental equipment for you.  So come see use at Rick Singleton Rental in Huntingdon along Rt. 22 in the former Pontiac dealership.  And the next time you hear someone talking gloom and doom, you know what to tell them....."YA' GOTTA BELIEVE".....because we do!!! 

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